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In the last post of jquery, we learn how to create a generic jquery code to validation complete site. Now will learn how to Delay function or Method execution for some time with SetTimOut Function after Jquery ready method.

Sometimes we have to delay execution of the method for some time or want to execute method continuously after a fix time interval using java script. i.e. want to create clock or do a service call. In any of these situations, we will user java script setTimeOut function.

When requesting sensitive information from the end user such as passwords, credit card details, and transaction pin numbers used in Internet banking, etc. it is preferred that the web user keys in the characters manually rather than pasting from the clipboard.

You can disable cut, copy and paste by simply writing small peace of code by jQuery.

In previous post of jquery we see how can we validate complete website with a single code of jquery and how can we delay execution of methods with java script

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