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The .NET Framework comes to mind when talking about .NET. However, since the release of .NET Core 1.0 in 2016, we need to be more specific and distinguish between the .NET framework (also referred to as the full .NET framework) and the new .NET Core.

To understand the differences between the two, we first need to inspect the two main parts of the .NET framework: Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the Framework Class Library (FCL).

The Common Language Runtime is the virtual machine part of the .NET framework, responsible for running applications. It provides multiple services which make the following possible:

This post aims to describe, how we can access local package feed and download symbols to debug package. This post also explains how we have to step Visual studio to access package feed and symbol server. To see how you can create packages that can be debugged in Visual Studio 2017, please refer my last past "Create Nuget Package with source and symbol to debug in VS 2017

Setting up Visual Studio 2017

1. Open solution for the project in Visual Studio 2017. 

2. Click on Tools Options from top menu items in VS. 

3. Go to NuGet Package Manager Package Source. 

4. Click on the icon on the top right icons. Name it YourFeed (You can give a name as per your convenience) and put source http://yourservername:81/nuget/YourPackage/. Then click on update button. 

In this post, we will see the easiest way to create a package with all the symbols in Visual Studio 2017. So that once we install a symbol server and upload package to this symbol server then we can debug that package in Visual Studio 2017.  I will share steps to debug package in Visual Studio 2017 in "Setup and Debug NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2017". 

The process to Create a new package in Visual Studio 2017:

All process to create package will work as expected after these changes so you can use any of the processes to create new package i.e. msbuild, pack commands. Here I will explain default option to pack package with source and symbol. 

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